Beyond Bon-Bons and Bubblebaths: Authentic Self-Care Workshop and Yoga for Stress Relief.

This workshop is a three-hour exploration of cultivating self-care as an organic state of being rather than another to-do list item.  Leave feeling replenished and enabled to show up more authentically for yourself and your loved ones.

What you will receive:

-Practical techniques for honing in on your body’s wisdom and practice engaging and redirecting your thoughts and bodily sensations so you can make more self-nourishing choices.

-Tea and a healthy snack with calming ingredients and a list of other calming foods so you can continue to nourish yourself in a supportive way after the workshop.

-A yoga session accessible to all levels and guided meditation designed for relieving tension so you can leave feeling relaxed.

-A hand out with stress-releasing poses so you can practice at home.


Investment: $65.  Early bird special $60 individual or bring a friend (2 people for $100)! if registered by Dec 24.

Offered from 2:30-5:30 pm at two different locations- the Eastside Bahá'í Center on Sat, Jan 13 (limited to 12) and Rainier Beach Yoga on Sun, Jan 14 (limited to 10).

Sat, Jan 13, 2:30-5:30 pm at the Eastside Bahá'í Center, 16007 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA (room 2).:
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*Registration Details

Investment: $65.  Early bird special $60 if registered by Dec 24.

Bring a friend (2 people for $100)!

**Please see Location and Parking Notes for Rainier Beach Yoga:

Bring a Friend

Bring a friend (2 people for $100 when registered by the Dec 24 early bird date!)

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At Laura’s class, I felt welcomed, at ease....and SO relaxed. Before I arrived, I felt high anxiety, stressed....after finding my place and getting started, I felt like I was in a perfect sanctuary. Safe, comfortable and sheltered from the world outside....kind of like being in a peaceful forest. Surrounded by warmth. When it was time to go...I felt like my human battery had been recharged. Like I could breathe more freely and more connected.....I felt Laura’s love and warm energy
Dr. Laura Toussaint is an amazing educator and yoga instructor with a passion for providing quality service to individuals, communities, and the workplace. She is able to address a wide variety of needs and abilities, meeting individuals where they are and assuring them they can do yoga and derive numerous benefits. Having participated in several of Laura’s sessions, I witnessed how she tailors her offerings from the simple to more advanced, and gently guided participants through the art of meditation and mindfulness practices. While maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere, Laura is extremely caring and sensitive to both individual and group needs, and instills in participants increased awareness of breath and workings of the human body.
Laura is a wonderful teacher/instructor/spirit guide who’s nurturing energy is irresistible. The workshop with her was transporting - a little spiritual vacation. Afterward, I felt refreshed and uplifted. I highly recommend her.
— Laure Smith, Kirkland, WA